Ready to learn more or get started on your latest design project? Here we have outlined the process and what you can expect when working with Flourish Design Studio.

1. Contact Flourish Design Studio

When you contact Flourish Design Studio to begin a project or explore working together, we will personally respond to your email. In that first communication, detailed project information (including a la carte option pricing) for your specific project type is provided. An introductory meeting can also be scheduled at this time.

Before our initial meeting, we like to hear from you so we can be ready to discuss your ideas and address your specific needs. By learning about your company or organization, your current challenges and needs, and your ideal outcomes, we are able to prepare a personalized plan for design that is compelling, effective and beautiful.

Filling out the New Client Questionnaire and returning it to us before the initial meeting is a great way of helping us find out about you. At the introductory meeting, we will review your information together and begin careful planning for a timely workflow that delivers a powerful design on budget.

For your convenience, a list of frequently asked questions is below. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Flourish!

2. Project Deposit

After our initial conversation, you will receive a PDF outlining project costs. You can also anticipate project costs by reviewing the information provided on this site. Projects are formally initiated when a 50% deposit is received. The remaining balance will be collected upon completion of the design phase of the project.

Flourish Design Studio can accommodate large design projects. If the scope of your project is larger than those outlined on this site, please contact us so that we can provide you with a comprehensive proposal. If a range has been provided for your estimate, a down payment of 50% of lowest estimate is acceptable.

Your deposit can be submitted by check, credit card or PayPal. Visit the payment page for more information.

3. Project Schedule

Flourish Design Studio uses a time-blocking system to ensure that your project gets the attention it deserves and stays on schedule — from start to completion. Time is reserved for each project in the order that deposits are received. Upon receipt of your deposit, a schedule will be sent to you. This schedule serves as the project contract and must be approved before work begins and time is ‘locked in’ (by responding to the email or by sending a signed copy).

If your project requires rush scheduling, additional fees will apply, depending on the degree of rush needs. Rush rates range from 150% to 200% of hourly design rate.

A note on scheduling: At Flourish Design Studio we are committed to delivering your project on time and within budget. Once we develop a plan for the work, the timeline you receive from us is extremely accurate, which means that you can absolutely count on getting the final products when we said you would. However, this also means that if you are not able to provide us with feedback and stay on schedule, we will most likely incur on additional costs and have to delay your project. So we can serve as many clients as possible at the most reasonable rates, we treat our schedule as a solid set of directions rather than a general roadmap. Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation!

4. Project Prep & Meeting

All successful design projects start with thoughtfully and carefully planned materials. Working as a team, both parties — the client and the designer — prepare before the design phase begins.

Your role in this phase includes:

  1. Fill out the New Client Questionnaire
  2. Gather samples of designs that appeal to you (and those that don’t!) to share before project start date. This is an important part of assessing your aesthetic style.
  3. Web, Brochure, Newsletter, Ad Projects: Prepare your final, proofread content so that it is ready for project implementation on specified date (to be provided in project schedule).
  4. A client meeting is also scheduled when the project commences (can be done in person or by phone). During the meeting, we will review the above information.

5. While Your Project is in Process – What to Expect

Project Planning Stage
After you have shared your project information and design inspirations, the brainstorming for your project begins. In the project planning stage, your initial designs start as ideas and sketches, allowing unique concepts to flow freely and ideas to mature.

Digital Design Phases
During this phase, Flourish has edited the initial concepts down to the 2 most effective ideas (unless otherwise discussed), which are then rendered using professional design software into digital designs. These drafts will be delivered to you as digital files (JPG or PDF), which most closely represent a finished design project.

Providing Feedback on Digital Designs
It is recommended that you note your initial reactions to each round of designs and then allow some time for your feedback to “mature” (often initial reactions change over time). When providing feedback, please be as specific as possible. The more specific your feedback is about layout, font choices, pictures and images, etc., the more efficient I can be with your design time. Please refer to your project timeline for scheduled dates so that timely feedback can be incorporated into each phase of the project.

Final Design
After feedback has been applied and the design is perfected, the project is then prepared for its intended medium — print or web.

If your project is web-related, your design is brought to life using state-of-the-art coding techniques, which may include html, javascripts, WordPress, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about us and our approach to design, please visit our Design Process page.