In a creative world, our disciplined process helps us deliver your brand story effectively. And, it all starts with you…

With each individual business story, a unique brand is born. Successful design solutions honor your history, meet your current needs, and anticipate the future, as your brand story unfolds.

During the process, you define the aesthetic boundaries by establishing design preferences that appeal to your target market, and to you! Understanding design preferences inspires solutions that meet your needs and thoughtfully express who your brand is.

The information gathered guides our artistic choices that visually articulate your message.

Budding concepts come to fruition with the marriage of creative and technical skill.

Each design decision — from typography to color to imagery — is thoughtfully considered and expertly implemented to add depth to your story and brand. We seize the opportunity to allow each element to communicate with your audience.

Meet the designer…

Jackie Cote, principal at Flourish Design Studio, Inc. is a 5th generation entrepreneur and began her professional design business in 2001. At that time, she was employed as a local middle and high school art teacher in her hometown of Groton, NY. She was inspired to design professionally after visiting many of the country’s top branding agencies in New York City while pursuing an MFA in Illustration at Marywood University. In 2006, Jacqueline resigned from her teaching tenure of 10 years to pursue her passion for design. Since then, Flourish Design Studio has grown steadily and has helped hundreds of clients turn the investment in their brands into profitable rewards.

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Flourish Design Studio, Inc. is a certified government contractor and certified Minority Women Owned Business

With the ability to see the ‘big picture’, we are able to push boundaries because of our understanding of how to make ideas into reality, taking you to the next level.

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