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waffle frolic
brand design

Ithaca, New York

This fun and relaxing restaurant — a place to enjoy your waffles and snacks — was a unique concept and a great addition to Ithaca's eateries! Waffle Frolic's brand is energetic and youthful, appealing to students and young families alike. The mix of refined design and grunge styling makes each piece feel 'touched by hand', and adds texture to the brand graphics.



waffle frolic branding system

waffle frolic logo
logo design

waffle frolic business cards
business card &
coffee card design

waffle frolic website design
website design



Promise me chocolate
brand design

Oswego, New York

Exquisitely handcrafted chocolate gems are the perfect accompaniment to any special occasion. A rich color palette and sophisticated feminine styling create a sensibility that is at once luxurious and sentimental. The result is a gift-worthy brand image that speaks equally to brides, couples, and retail outlets.

Promise Me Chocolate Brand

Promise Me Chocolate Website
website design

package design

promise me chocolate gift certificate
gift certificate design

promise me chocoalte e-newsletter
e-newsletter design

Website recognized by:Smashing Magazine
Showcase of Sweet
Chocolate Websites

Clarity Eye Care with Dr. Bryant

Ithaca, New York

With a focus on quality eye care and helping to educate each patient, Clarity wanted to emphasize the importance of living an inspired lifestyle. Using fresh, natural images we were able to communicate the relaxed, clean atmosphere of the office and Dr. Bryant himself.



clarity branding system

clarity logo
logo design

clarity website
website design

clarity business card design
business card design

claritybusiness cards
rackcard design


Doyle Vineyard Management

Penn Yan, New York

The wine industry is known for their rich colors and beautiful photography. By ulitizing textures and visual elements found within the industry and layering them with a unique logo these materials help Doyle stand out amound their competition and visually articulte their mission and brand.



Doyle Vineyard Management branding system

Doyle Vineyard Management website
website design

Doyle Vineyard Management rackcard
rackcard design

tasting card design
stationery design

Doyle Vineyard Management logo
logo design


Hopshire Farm and Brewery

Freeville, New York

Hopshire Farm and Brewery specializes in creating craft beers made with fresh local ingredients.To highlight the historical and agricultural signficance of the farm and brewery we used vibrant images of hops and feature historical illustrations that help describe the beer making process. Architectural features of the building such as the carved wooden trim also help tie their marketing materials to the physical experience of their beautiful location and tasting room.

clarity branding system

hopshire website
website design

hopshire rackcard
rackcard design

tasting card design
tasting card design

hopshire ad design
ad design


The Yoga School

Ithaca, New York

The Yoga School is dedicated to helping enrich the lives of all their students and focuses on yoga as a learning and spiritual journey. By using hand-drawn elements and a blackboard texture we are able to reinforce the classroom setting and make the branding comfortable, organic, and heartfelt.


The Yoga School Branding

The Yoga School logo
logo design

The Yoga School website design
website design

The Yoga School business cards
business card design

The Yoga School rack card
rackcard design

The Yoga School gift certificate design
gift certificate design

Maguire family Vineyards
brand design

Finger Lakes, New York

Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes, Maguire Family Vineyard grows grapes and berries while brokering for produce growers across the United States. To reinforce the importance of providing garden-fresh produce directly from their network of farmers, these graphics are clean and fresh, yet familiar, making the buyer feel instantly comfortable with their grocery purchase.


Maguire Family Vineyards brand

maguire family vineyards logo
logo design

Maguire Family Vineyards stationery design
stationery design

maguire family vineyards product labels
product label design

maguire family vineyards sell sheet desgn
sell sheet and packaging

maguire family vineyard website design
website design

California wilderness coalition
brand design

Oakland, California

In an effort to engage its current members and grow its membership base, CWC was inspired to transform its brand. The revitalized identity includes a new logo, website and newsletter that work together to support the initiatives of this dynamic group and illustrate their ongoing progress in the challenging arena of wilderness protection. Vibrant colors and textures celebrate the natural beauty of the regions CWC safeguards and provide an inviting, informative platform to encourage participation.

california wilderness coalition brand

california wilderness coalition logo
logo design

california wilderness coalition website
website design

california wilderness coalition newsletter
newsletter design

Browse through the
Wilderness Record


Carol bushberg
real estate
brand design

Ithaca, New York

Award-winning realtor, Carol Bushberg created a business and brand built on the principles of quality and integrity. The great attention to detail that is the cornerstone of this agency is reflected in these distinctive graphics with a vintage flair. This identity system instills an instant sense of trust for prospective home buyers and sellers and distinguishes this firm in a competitive marketplace.

carol bushberg real estate brand

real estate logo
logo design

letterhead, envelope, business card
stationery design

web design
website design

ad and promotion design
ad & promotion design

enewsletter design
e-newsletter designs

climb higher
brand design

Groton, New York

This professional coach uses her consistent branding materials to inspire and motivate her clients. Each piece supports an individual's personal and professional aspirations and the proven methods employed to achieve those goals. The way her message is visually represented allows this instructor to be seen as the approachable, experienced mentor that she is.

climg higher brand

custom logo design
logo design

book cover design
workbook cover design

brochure design
brochure design

business card design
business card &
bookmark design

enewsletter design
e-newsletter design

Crystalyn chemical company
brand design

Binghamton, New York

This innovative, high-tech dye manufacturer needed a clean, modern brand design to convey their technical proficiency and value proposition. The resulting graphics appeal equally well to individuals, universities, and corporations in the pioneering worlds of research and scientific work.

crystalyn chemical company brand

custom logo
logo design

letterhead and business card design
stationery design

web design
website design

oversized postcard design
oversized postcard
promotion design

pocket folder design
pocket folder design

janet jacobs lMT
brand design

Groton, New York

To illustrate the powerful, hands-on nature of this licensed massage therapist's business, calming, tranquil colors were combined with the healing energy of light and, later, the flowing movement of water. As the business evolved, so did the name and identity. This branding system is an excellent example of Flourish Design Studio's ability to create a clear, consistent reflection of your brand that can flex as it grows while always remaining true to the essence of your business or organization.

crystalyn chemical company brand

massage logo design
logo design

massage wesbite
website design

massage printed materials
printed materials design

massage business cards
business card design

massage website
website design

DEC network
brand design

Ridgefield, Connecticut

As an educational consultant, Debbie Davis helps young adults find the ideal secondary education match to meet their academic goals. Understanding that her clients are both students and their parents, a sense of the traditional collegiate spirit was integrated with a shield to evoke the concept that the students' scholastic futures are under the advisement of a group that values and defends those futures.

dec network brand

educational consultant logo
logo design

educational consultant website
website design

educational consultant stationery
stationery design

educational consultant binders
binder cover designs

educational consultant enewsletter
e-newsletter design

local mom
brand design

Ridgefield, Connecticut

Local Mom was created to be a comprehensive resource and community for mothers looking to connect with information and each other. Punctuated with bold colors and an exuberant style, the design of this brand is bright, inviting and fun, sharing the inside scoop in a way that makes moms excited to dive in!

local mom brand

mom network logo
logo design

mom network website
website design

mom network stationery
business card &
bookmark design

mom network twitter page
custom Twitter
page design

mom network postcard
postcard design

Summit racks
brand design

Dryden, New York

Summit Racks, a manufacturer of proprietary bike racks, encourages mountain bikers to grab their gear and hit the hills. A brand that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts needs to be rugged and robust. This logo captures the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment upon reaching the high point of adventure, while the use of textured backbrounds and natural elements projects a message of durability and earthiness.

summit rack brand

outdoor logo
logo design

grunge website
website design

outdoorsy business card
business card design

product label design
product label design

sell sheet design
sell sheet design

Venus moves
brand design

Ithaca, New York

In its unique approach to fitness, Venus Moves focuses on sensual wellness for women through coaching and movement. The electric undulations of the logo and the seductive mood cast across this brand infuse the company's mission with visual vibrance. The layering of sultry hues, kinetic lines and flowing imagery speaks to a woman's desire for pleasure, passion, and purpose and invites her to explore her inner Venus.

venus moves brand

sexy workout logo
logo design

sexy fitness website
custom Wordpress
site/blog design

fitness business card
business card design

sexy fitness brochure
brochure design

flyer poster design
poster/flyer design

Northcoast educational consulting
brand design

Cleveland, Ohio

Northcoast Educational Consulting specializes in guiding students through the complex terrain of the college admissions process, arming them with the integral tools they need to navigate their own unique path. This brand is layered with soft, traditional colors that promote the variety of student imagery with a quiet sense of direction and authority. This allows the vibrancy of the graduates and their individual talents to be the focal point of the message, reinforcing the company's ideal: "Helping Students Find Their True North".

educational consultant brand

education logo
logo design

education website
website design

wordpress blog design
custom Wordpress
blog design

educational stationery
stationery system design



moving joy studios
brand design

Ithaca, New York

Maren Waldmen, a professional dancer and Licensed Massage Therapist, established her studio to connect her clientele with the invigorating experience of dance. To put the Moving Joy Studios brand in motion in a way that echoes her enthusiasm for her work, a cheerful, unconventional color combination is merged with graceful, fluid lines that playfully twirl and leap across these materials.

moving joy studios brand

dance logo
logo design

dance website
website design

dance business card
business card design

dance rack card
rack card design


brand design

San Francisco, California

When your business is online publicity and communication, it is essential that the design representing your brand makes a bold statement. Maritza Schafer of PointsFive wanted a powerful, striking solution to get the attention of her clients. This was accomplished by incorporating clean, strong color contrast and dynamic line movement to effectively spread the word about the confidence and energy of this strategic firm.

pointsfice rand

publicity logo
logo design

pr website
website design

pr business card
business card design

pr stationery
letterhead &
envelope design



Norabloom Botanicals
brand design

Ithaca, New York

Pure organic ingredients, hand-picked by the company's founder, Holly Langley, are the essence of the Norabloom line of products and services. This rich brand experience combines the bright, cheerful hues and elements of nature with feminine design details and girly-girl sensibilities to project the professional yet personal quality of these products that are both good for you and delightful to use.

pointsfice rand

print materials design
print material design

catalog design
catalog design

package and label design
package/label design

book layout and design
book layout & design

promotion design
promotion design


Martha catalfamo dMD
brand design

Ithaca, New York

Maintaining a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth is the mission of Martha Catalfamo, DMD. Her gentle, kind approach is communicated to her patients with soothing colors and a welcoming smile line. This brand has a friendly, clean, and confident appearance - attributes befitting a professional dental practice.

martha catalfamo logo

dentist logo
logo design

dentist website
website design

dentist business appointment card
card design


Mighty yoga
brand design

Ithaca. New York

To communicate the primary message that this is, "Not your mom's yoga," the Mighty Yoga brand is rooted with a bold, powerful logo. The vivid logo mark and the funky vibe of these materials immediately capture the attention of it's target market: a young audience looking for an innovative kind of yoga experience.

mighty yoga

yoga studio logo
logo design

yoga studio rack card schedule
rack card design

yoga studio class cards
class cards

yoga studio poster
poster design

yoga studio posters
poster/flyer design
with take-aways

Sincredible pastries
brand design

Lansing, New York

Feeling a little naughty when you bite into a luscious chocolate cupcake? Then you get the decadent spirit of the charming brand of Sincredible Pastries and its spin-off blog, Marion's Vintage Bakeshop. The naughty/nice cupcake logo, inspired by the owner's daughter, paired with sweet, ladylike design ingredients make for an adorably delicious representation of this talented professional baker's work.

sincredible pastries brand

pastry cupcake logo
logo design

pastry chef business card design
website design

pastry website
stationery design

pastry menu design
menu design

pastry chef letterhead
custom blog design

Ithaca Stock Photo
Brand Design

Ithaca, New York

"IthacaStock.com markets quality artistic images by local artists to a wide variety of professionals. Their brand image needed to be streamlined and polished, complementing their extensive library of photographs in a clean, modern way. This approach ensures that their vast selection will be the focus of their clients and makes IthacaStock.com an invaluable resource for the best local and artistic images."

photography logo

photography logo design
logo design

pastry chef business carphotography websited design
website design

photographer business card design
business card design

photographer stationery design
stationery design

alternate logo designpastry chef letterhead
alternate logo design


Complete Client List of Flourish Design Studio

  • 3S Agencies Central New York
    brochure, poster
  • 4U VIP’s Ithaca, NY
    logo, website design, business card design
  • 544 Productions Ithaca, NY
    client web design & layout as strategic partner
  • Accent Contracting Cortland, NY
    logo, business card
  • Advanced Dental Technology of Ithaca
    Ithaca, NY, website design, ad design
  • Allied Psychotherapists Central NY
    website design & development
  • Ariana Blossom Ithaca, NY
    logo, business cards
  • Articulate Body, Massage Therapy Ithaca, NY
    website design & development, brochure, ad, misc. marketing materials design
  • Bangles, Bags & Bling Cortland, NY
    ecommerce website
  • BeePure Cortland, NY
    wordpress-powered website
  • Blue Stone Bar & Grill Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, menu, poster, rack card, brochure, website design
  • BNI Ithaca Ithaca, NY
    website design, poster, logo design
  • Body Song Center Ithaca, NY
    logo, rack cards, promotion, CD graphics design
  • Business is Blooming Ithaca, NY
    sell sheet & flyer design design
  • California Wilderness Coalition Oakland, CA
    logo, newsletter publication, website
  • Carnahan & Associates New Orleans, LA
    logo, business card, website design
  • C.J. Scrumps Chocolatier Moravia, NY
    logo, business card, packaging design
  • Carol Bushberg Real Estate Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, stationery, folder,
    misc. marketing materials
    website design & development
  • Carson Groundworks Ithaca, NY
    business card design
  • Cayuga Foot Care Ithaca, NY
    brochure design
  • Cayuga Wellness Group Trumansburg, NY
    logo design
  • Center for Earth Essentials Spencer, NY
    website design
  • Central Risk Managers Ithaca, NY
    website design
  • Cermonies & Event Planning of the Finger Lakes Ithaca, NY
    stationery & rack card design
  • Climb Higher Groton, NY
    logo, business card, brochure, website, stationery, gift certificate design
  • Cornell Campus Promotions Ithaca, NY
    publication design
  • Cornell Information Technology Ithaca, NY, brochure, postcard, book design
  • Cornell University College
    of Human Ecology
    Ithaca, NY
    invitation, brochure, booklet, poster design
  • Cornell University Department
    of Horticulture
    Ithaca, NY
    brochure design
  • Cortland Repertory Theatre Cortland, NY
    website design
  • Court Street Dental Ithaca, NY
    logo, business cards
  • Creating Bliss Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, packaging, coupon, ad design, website design & development
  • Crystal Salon & Spa Ithaca, NY
    logo redesign/update, website design & development, business cards, brochure design
  • Crystalyn Chemical Company Binghamton, NY
    logo, business card, website design & development
  • Danielle Gerritsen Photography Ithaca, NY
    misc marketing material design, website
  • Data Momentum Ithaca, NY
    logo design, client web design & layout as strategic partner
  • Debbie Newman, Personalized
    Fitness Programs
    Groton, NY
    trade show display, sign
  • DEC Network Ridgefield, Connecticut
    logo, stationery, binder covers, website design, business card design
  • Dr. Jorgenson, Plastic Surgeon Ithaca, NY
    logo design, business card, stationery, newsletter
  • Dryden Hotel Dryden, NY
    website design, seasonal children placement illustration & design
  • Earth Care Market Ithaca, NY
    package design
  • ECornell Ithaca, NY
    promotional folder, sell sheet design
  • Eileen Kotzer, Read & Write for Success Ithaca, NY
    business card design
  • Ellen Morris-Knower Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, ad, website design
  • Ellen Peterson Ithaca, NY
    logo, stationery, website design
  • Epicurean Excursions Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, rack card design
  • Evaporated Metal Films (EMF) Ithaca, NY, ad design, marketing material design
  • Fall Creek Healing Center Groton, NY
    logo, stationery, website design
  • Fall Creek Massage Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, gift certificate, website design
  • Feed Me Fabric Ithaca, NY
    logo design
  • Fingerlakes Writer Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, postcard, website design
  • Fresh & Easy Ithaca, NY
    logo design
  • Gepe Zurenda, Therapist Ithaca, NY
    website design & development, business card
  • Getta Life Ithaca, NY
    sign, tshirt desiigns
  • Grassmasters Ithaca, NY
    logo design
  • Green Cuisine Ithaca, NY
    website management, programming
  • Greel Peak Mountain Resort & Waterfalls Spa
    Twitter page design, enewsletter
  • Handyman Matters Ithaca, NY
    ad design
  • Healing With Nature’s Gifts Ithaca, NY, logo, business card, stationery, web design
  • Horizon Historic Properties Elmira, NY, logo, business card, stationery, website design
  • House of Elegance Skaneatles, NY
    logo, website, catalog, business card design
  • Integrated Business Ventures Ithaca, NY, logo redesign, business card design
  • Ithaca Area Women Entreprenuers Ithaca, NY
  • Ithaca Beer Ithaca, NY
    website design
  • Ithaca Organics Virgil, NY
    logo design
  • Ithaca Stock Photo Ithaca, NY
    logo, business cards, website design
  • Ithaca Virtual Tours Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, stationery design
  • Ithaca-Tompkins Spa Association Ithaca, NY, logo, poster, rack card design
    website design & development
  • Janet’s Healing Hands Ithaca, NY
    logo, website design & development, blog design, business card, brochure, gift certificate, ad design
  • Jerry Dell Organic Dairy Farm Ithaca, NY, logo for outerwear design
  • JesStyle Salon & Relaxation Studio
    Dryden, NY, logo, promotions, ads, business card, service menu design
  • Jim Lee, Hypnotherapy Binghamton, NY, brochure, ad design, CD design
  • Joan Portzline Dryden, NY
    logo, stationery system design
  • Jones Welding St. Francisville, LA
    logo design
  • Kappa Delta Sorority Cornell Ithaca, NY
    capital campaign materials
  • Kate Dimpfl Ithaca, NY
    rack card, business card, Wordpress header design
  • Kellogg Memorials Mexico, NY
    website design
  • Kingsway Baptist Church of Ithaca Ithaca, NY, business card, brochure, website design
  • Kristen Ebert-Wagner Professional Editing Services Ithaca, NY
    business card, website design & development
  • Laura Fiore, Licensed Real Estate Broker Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, postcard
  • Leslie Kent Consulting Ohio
    website design
  • LMK Companies Virgil, NY
    logo, business card, stationery, website design & development
  • Local Mom Fairfield, CT
    logo, stationery, website design
  • Loretto Syracuse, NY
    logo for internal program
  • Lynda Myers Designs Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, greeting cards, ad design
  • Magden & Maguire Team Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, postcard, website header design
  • Maguire Family Vineyards Trumansburg, NY
    logo, stationery, label, website design
  • Mandel Therapy/Lifespan King Ferry, NY
    logo, stationery, ad, website design
  • Mariann Loveland Ithaca, NY
    website design
  • Mark G. Simon, Composer Beltsville, MD, ad design
  • Martha Catalfamo, DMD Ithaca, NY
    logo, stationery, website design
  • Mary Bouchard Accounting Trumansburg, NY
    rack card, business card design
  • McBooks Press Ithaca, NY
    book jacket design
  • Michaleen's Flower Shop Lansing, NY
    enewsletter, website header design
  • Michelle Taylor Salon Syracuse, NY
    logo, sign, service menu, business card design
  • Mighty Yoga Ithaca, NY
    logo design, stationery, rack card, website
  • MJS Contracting Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card design
  • Momentum Builders Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, rack card, sign, website design
  • Mountain River Resources Miami, FL
    logo, business card design
  • Moving Joy Studios Ithaca, NY
    logo, stationery, rack card, website design
  • Neighbors Teaching Neighbors Sayre, PA, logo, website design
  • Nicole Maguire, Licensed Real Estate Broker Trumansburg, NY
    marketing material design, ad, website design
  • Norabloom Botanicals Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, stationery, skincare charts, posters, website design, blog design, packaging design
  • Northcoast Educational Consulting Cleveland, OHIO
    logo, stationery, website
  • Nutritional Wellness Center Ithaca, NY, website design, misc. marketing materials
  • Open Metadata Registry Ithaca, NY
  • Our Beauty Lounge Ithaca, NY
    logo, website, postcard
  • Ostrander International Ithaca, NY
    website design
  • Park Foundation Ithaca, NY
  • Paul Brunton Foundation Ithaca, NY
    website layout design
  • PointsFive Communications San Francisco, CA
    logo, stationery, website
  • P.W. Wood Insurance Ithaca, NY
    website design, brochure
  • Port Watson Plaza Cortland, NY
    logo design
  • Positive Womens' Network Oakland, CA
    website, blog, letterhead design
  • Precision Eforming Cortland, NY
    website, brochure, video, banner design, trade show graphics
  • Prime Payroll Relief Cortland, NY
    logo, stationery design
  • Project Orange, Mira’s Movement, Ithaca, NY, logo, ad, postcard, web page, poster design
  • Promise Me Chocolate Oswego, NY
    ecommerce website, package design, enewsletter
  • RNG International Dubai
    website, stationery, brochure, blog, enewsletter, twitter design
  • Reshirt San Francisco, CA
    stationery system, enewsletter, web layout design
  • Results Renovation & Repair Groton, NY, logo, business card
  • Riverside Mens' Shop Buffalo, NY
    website, enewsletter, YouTube channel design
  • S&E Jewelers Buffalo, NY
    website, newsletter, YouTube channel design
  • Sincredible Pastries Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, menu, tshirt, invitation, gift certificate, stationery design
    website design & development
  • Shannon Tiffany Skincare Ithaca, NY
    logo, website layout, packaging design
  • Shellie Sundar San Francisco, CA
    logo design
  • Solar-n-Stuff Chapel Hill, NC
    logo design
  • South Hill Business Campus Ithaca, NY
    website design
  • Spruce Row Campground
    Trumansburg, NY, brochure design
  • Star Motors Binghamton, NY
    logo, business card, website design
  • State Theater Ithaca, NY
    capital campaign asset design
  • Student Organizational Support Fairfield, CT
    website design
  • Summit Racks Virgil, NY
    logo, stationery, website
  • Sundara Spa MD Ithaca, NY
    website, brochure design
  • SUNY Cortland Alumni House Cortland, NY
    capital campaign promotion, donor book publication
  • Suzanne Marie Perreault, Therapist Ithaca, NY
    logo, stationery, business card, brochure design, website design & development
  • Tammy Twitchell-Crafts Foundation Rochester, NY
    logo, business card, brochure design
  • Tompkins County Recycling Center Ithaca, NY
    logo, invitations, flyers
  • Town of Dryden Dryden, NY
    logo design
  • The Clever Quilter Ithaca, NY
    logo design
  • The Joy Within Ithaca, NY
    website design
  • The Squires of Cortland Cortland, NY, website design
  • Thee Amish Market Ithaca, NY
    logo redesign
  • Tina Thomas Chapel Hill, NC
    scientific illustrations, logo design, book cover design
  • Town of Dryden Dryden, NY
    logo design
  • Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce Trumansburg, NY
    brochure, website design & development
  • Trumansburg Optical Trumansburg, NY, brochure/poster design
  • Tyler Admissions ConsultingTrumansburg, NY, logo, business card, website, ad design
  • Uncle Louie’s Backyard Grill/Restaurant Cortland, NY
    menu design
  • Venus Moves Institure Ithaca, NY
    logo, stationery, brochure, website, enewsletter
  • Vet to Pet Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card design
  • Visiting Nurse Service of Ithaca and Tompkins County Ithaca, NY
    website, stationery
  • Waffle Frolic Ithaca, NY
    logo, website, business card
  • Wedding Website Advisor Binghamton, NY
    logo, website header design
  • Wellness Gourmet Ithaca, NY
    logo, business card, brochure
  • Wheaton’s Heating & Cooling Ithaca, NY, business card design
  • Whole Mind Whole Body Ithaca, NY
    website design & development
  • WJ Healthyway Dryden, NY
    brochure design
  • Woodenhearts Handcrafted Furniture Groton, NY
    website design


When you dive into business, if you are truly serious about making the business the support of your life and lifestyle, you can't go half way in any portion of your endeavor.

This is particularly true with your branding.

I approached Jackie looking for a sharp, simple, memorable logo and brand ID for my photo stock business. In a market with many competitors, I needed to stand out clearly from the crowd as a business that was "top shelf", classy, yet approachable and personal.

She is thoroughly professional, innovative and attentive in her art, and her understanding and execution of her projects. In the work she has done for me, including several VERY different projects, she has provided me with art work that effectively communicates my quality, style and personality.

I recommend Jackie and Flourish Design without reservation!

- Monroe Payne, Owner & Photographer, Ithaca Stock Photo

Working with Jackie was great. She is immensely professional and was always available to answer any of my questions. Jackie's flexibility and her willingness to explore options was critical for helping shape the Local Mom project. While we started with just a website in mind, we were able to expand the scope and consistently incorporate the brand throughout additional marketing materials. Her organizational skills are tremendous and she managed each aspect of the project beautifully.

Although we were in different states, we were able to easily communicate and connect through emails and conference calls. The project - from concept through implementation – was completed smoothly and efficiently.

- Jennifer Sargent, Owner, Local Mom

"Thank you, Jackie for your fabulous creations for my new business: website graphics, pictures, and function; logo development and design; and stationary, binder covers and envelopes. I'm thrilled with all of the outcomes! Not only are you extremely competent in your field, but also highly professional, energetic and dependable. I appreciate your consistent positive attitude. The best testament to your work is the fact that I continue to use and recommend your services.

- Deborah B. Davis, MBA Davis Education & Career Consultants LLC, DEC Network

Jackie offers design bliss! She is the total package!
Not only is she a gem to work with but she is creative, honest, dependable and appreciates each project as if it was her own. She is invested in each client and gets to know their personality and works that into her final piece. I call her "MY DESIGNER".
I consistently recommend her to all types of businesses.

- Holly Green, Owner of Norabloom Botanicals

I first came to Flourish Design looking for help with graphic design for my own brand. Being an expert in communications and branding (but not a designer), it was challenging to find someone whom I felt could express my vision and capture my brand with a compelling visual language. Jackie did an amazing job with PointsFive's logo and website and since then I have come back to collaborate with her on many projects. My clients choose to work with her over other designers all over the country because of her impeccable professionalism, her unbound creativity, and her powerful results. Jackie's work is so notable that it turned me from a client into a colleague.

- Maritza Schafer, Owner of Pointsfive

"Working with Jackie Cote-Sherman at Flourish Design has been a pleasant, exciting and very productive collaboration. I had a short list of graphic designers to interview, but after spending 5 minutes with her, I knew that she was as enthusiastic about my project as I was. And, her product is sooo beautiful.

The look of my brand is a perfect blend of my personal style and business sense; the net result is a commanding and distinctive set of logos, business cards, letterhead & envelopes, presentation folders, advertising copy and signage that allows my growing real estate firm to stand out in a pool of competitors.

I also appreciated her willingness to communicate with vendors, making sure that her designs were sized and duplicated correctly by them: to approve and refine proofs as needed, and to bring a trained eye to the swirl of materials and color choices offered by these suppliers. In addition, Jackie researched suppliers for all my needs; she found competent printing vendors for me at both ends of the pricing spectrum.

I am proud to show off my brand to my friends, clients, and colleagues.

- Carol Bushberg, Licensed NY Real Estate Broker/Owner,
Carol Bushberg Real Estate

Creative ideas
brought to life

Jacqueline Côté-Sherman
graphic designer & principal
phone: 607.351.8745
Ithaca, New York

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