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About flourish design studio Inc.

Creativity is the seed of a unique brand image. Technical expertise brings creative ideas to life.

Often, when we think about design, the creative aspects come to mind. Yet the design is only a dream until the execution brings it to fruition. Many creative ideas never get off the ground for lack of ability to make them real. At Flourish, we have both sides covered - understanding the marriage of both technique and creativity — to make your ideas soar.

A balanced approach to the design process: the science & art of design

Technical expertise
brings ideas to life...
The science of design.

Executing on creative ideas requires a technical proficiency we correlate with the left brain. At Flourish, we excel at building brand experiences, including web and print designs, that effectively deliver your message while maintaining that great creative edge. Great design results from our ability to be both creative and technically adept. With the ability to see the 'big picture', we are able to push boundaries because of our understanding of how to make ideas into reality, taking you to the next level.

Creativity is the seed of
your unique brand...
The art of design.

Coming up with creative and engaging ideas is the part of design sparked by the right side of the brain. Conceiving collateral with your content — that supports and understands your brand and audience — while delivering a carefully planned user experience is our forte. Something as seemingly simple as a logo requires using a visual language to communicate to the audience. The complexities of color, image, type style, and concept all carry messages. Blended properly, the visual message of your logo and other business materials makes a powerful statement about your business. Flourish expertly layers the right assets together to convey a rich message. 

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Meet the founder, jacqueline sherman

Jacqueline Côté-Sherman, principal at Flourish Design Studio, Inc. is a 5th generation entrepreneur and began her professional design business in 2001. At that time, she was employed as a local middle and high school art teacher in her hometown of Groton, NY. She was inspired to design professionally after visiting many of the country's top branding agencies in New York City while pursuing an MFA in Illustration at Marywood University. In 2006, Jacqueline resigned from her teaching tenure of 10 years to pursue her passion for design. Since then, Flourish Design Studio has grown steadily and has helped hundreds of clients turn the investment in their brands into profitable rewards.

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Flourish Design Studio, Inc. is a certified government contractor

Anna Gallow, Junior Designer, Print & Web

Anna Gallow graduated in 2011 with her Masters Degree in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Having grown up in the area, the local community and the businesses it supports are very important to her. She enjoys working with local and regional organizations to help develop their brand identities and create unified, cohesive materials for both print and web applications.

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About The branding process

logo_stationery_designphase one:

Seed your marketing plan with the right logo — an image that appeals to your target market while representing you, your values, the products and/or services that you offer. Your unique logo provides the foundation for successful business or organization development, leading to brand recognition among current and potential audience.

website_brochure_poster_packagingphase two:

A well-developed brand image- used consistently throughout your website, brochures, posters, and packaging make the brand viable and strong— these are synergistic components that nurture business growth.

promotion_newsletter_adsphase three:

Broaden your business marketing strategies with creative promotions, regular newsletters, and advertisements that enrich relationships with ongoing clients while cultivating new ones.

Creative ideas
brought to life

Jacqueline Côté-Sherman
graphic designer & principal
phone: 607.351.8745
Ithaca, New York

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